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Perfect Shape facials offer the ultimate pampering for your face. Facials not only cleanse your face of all impurities, they also tone it and make it look radiant. With growing pollution and stressful lives, facials are no longer a luxury. They have become absolutely essential to protect your skin and to make you look perfectly groomed.

What are facials?

A healthy, glowing skin is a good indicator of all round well being. Facials are special beauty treatments that cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate your face. If you face looks lack-luster, shows signs of wrinkles or has acne and blemishes, a Perfect Shape facial can really help you. At Perfect Shape, our first step is to identify your skin type. Specific facials are suited for specific skin types – dry, normal, oily or combination. For instance, Aroma facials include aromatic oils that relax facial muscles, toning and rejuvenating them. You walk out looking radiant and feeling great!

How long does a facial take?

A good facial treatment takes over an hour. Many steps are involved in a facial. The first step is to cleanse the face thoroughly. Your face is then ready to soak in the goodness of oils. Trained hands then massage your face, eyes, neck and back to completely relax the muscles and also improve the blood circulation in those areas. Pure and natural oils seep through your skin’s layers to give it a beautiful glow. This takes the best part of an hour.

The Perfect Shape beautician then steams your face to further squeeze out hidden layers of dirt. After dabbing it dry, a refreshing face pack is applied. This again can be of your choice – a fruit pack, aroma pack or mud pack. Once the pack dries, the beautician cleans it up and applies a light moisturizer on your face and neck. You are now ready to step out and take on the world! Reshma also advises not to use any soap on your face for at least 24 hours after a facial.

If you are pressed for time, mini facials compress this process. They are designed to primarily cleanse your skin and are great for acne treatment. Perfect Shape beauticians carefully remove all blackheads and whiteheads that cause acne. Repeated facials can treat and control acne, improving the texture of your skin. You can go in for mini facials once a fortnight and see the difference it makes to breakouts and blemishes.

What types of facials does Perfect Shape offer?

You have a range of facials to choose from. At Perfect Shape, you will first undergo a personalized skin assessment conducted by a trained beautician. You can then decide on the facial you’d like to go for.

Aromatherapy facials are suitable for most skin types and have an exhilarating effect on both your body and mind. Naturally sourced aromatic oils are gently worked into your skin to cleanse and rejuvenate it. The facemask also contains essential oils that nourish and balance your skin, giving it a fabulous glow.

Fruit facials use fruit extracts like papaya, lemon and oranges. Each of these fruits has a specific effect on your skin. Bananas moisturize dry skin while orange peels are superb for oily skin. These freshly prepared fruit extracts cleanse, moisturize and plump up your skin. If you suffer from any skin condition or have sensitive skin, this is the best kind of facial to opt for. Fruit and plant extracts are all natural and gentle on facial skin.

Precious metal facials are great for brightening your skin. Precious metal extracts are mixed with massage creams to work on specific skin types. Gold facial is great for oily and dry skins. Platinum facial works wonders on dehydrated, saggy skin. Pearl facial brings a pearly glow on to a dull and tired face. A galvanic device is used to work on the deeper layers of your skin, helping all the curative properties of precious metals to penetrate easily.

Antioxidant facials are especially useful to remove toxins trapped in the top layers of the skin. Creams used for this facial contain free-radical agents like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene. They enhance blood circulation in the skin layers and flush out harmful built-up substances. Such facials are very useful in removing tan and smoothening stress lines.

Herbal facials use traditional Indian herbs and roots in their massage cream. Kaya facials are very famous in India and Shahnaz Hussein products are used by every beauty conscious Indian. Perfect Shape ensures that at least one treatment room is dedicated to this Indian beauty regime. Made with completely natural ingredients like wheat germ, fruits, berries, milk cream, spices and herbs, Shahnaz products are unparalleled in quality.

Who are facials appropriate for?

Facials are suitable for everyone, men and women alike. If you have great skin, you’ll need one to maintain its glow. If you are young and suffer from acne, regular clean ups and exfoliation would constitute an appropriate acne treatment. Ideally, in your 20s you should go for facials once every 3 to 4 months. If you are over 30 you should go for more frequent facials, ideally once a month. This helps keep wrinkles, blemishes, laugh lines and crow’s feet at bay.

If you are getting married soon or need to dress up for a special occasion, Perfect Shape facial treatments can start 3 months in advance. You can consult Perfect Shape beauticians beforehand and plan out your beauty regimen in detail.

A Perfect Beauty Tip – Reshma Monteiro is a master practitioner in facials, especially Aroma facials. She suggests a quick and easy face pack for deep cleansing and an instant glow-
Take 2 spoonfuls of gram flour; add a pinch of turmeric and stir in milk cream (for dry skin) or yogurt (for oily skin). Apply on your face, leave it to dry and wash it with warm water.’ You will notice a marked difference.

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